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Matters Should Be Solved of Small Pixel Pitch LED Display Screens

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Matters Should Be Solved of Small Pixel Pitch LED Display Screens

Matters Should Be Solved of Small Pixel Pitch LED Display Screens
In recent years, with more and more LED screen manufacturers join into LED display industry, the production cost of small pixel pitch has been reduced step by step, their market scale is also expending continuously.
Small pixel pitch LED screens have been recognized by more and more customers, their advantages are as the followings:
A. Seamless splicing technology;
B. Consistency of the brightness and colors on the whole LED screen;
C. Wide color temperature range from 2500K to 10000K;
D. High gray scale level, better color performance;
E. High contrast rate, fast response speed, high refresh rate;
F. High heat dissipation efficiency, no noise.
However, during the fast development of small pixel LED display screens, we must realize that, there are some problems appears, especially the product homogenization problem.
More and more LED screen manufacturers join into small pixel LED screens R & D work, they active the competition atmosphere, but also cause the small pixel pitch products in the market developing into a deadlock of product homogenization at the same time. Generally, apart from the environmental protection can be regarded as innovation, most small pixel LED display screens are all focus on smaller pixel pitch, front maintenance design, lower brightness and higher gray scale, higher refresh rate, brightness auto-adjusting system and other aspects. There is some breakthrough in these aspects. However, to the whole industry, there is no new products or products with transformational function appears in the market.
On the other hand, many LED screen manufacturers have opened up the global market, created larger market, but they are also facing more and stronger market competitor and more complicated competitive situation. The year of 2017 will become an important t turning point for small pixel pitch LED display screens globalization development.
The increase number of brand companies will bring more uncertainties to the global market; and the continual increase of raw material price, product short supply in China may cause redistribution of the small pixel LED display screen market structure. The LED screen manufacturers should pay attention to this this and take precautions, so as to be well prepared when facing with larger market competition and market change.
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