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How to Make Full Color Rental LED Display Screens Have A Higher Definition?

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How to Make Full Color Rental LED Display Screens Have A Higher Definition?

How to Make Full Color Rental LED Display Screens Have A Higher Definition?
To make full color rental LED display screens have a higher definition, there are two basic preconditions: on one hand, the video resource must be high definition; on the other hand, the LED screens must support high definition display.
With the development of society, people are demanding higher display visual effects to full color LED display screens, HD and ultra-high definition display has gradually become the mainstream of the market. The shocking effect brought by high-definition video is very strong. The display content is more attractive than traditional video images, and can better satisfy people's pursuit of high quality audio and visual experience. So in addition to the two basic precondition mentioned earlier, how can make full color LED display to become more clear?
1. Improve the contrast of rental LED display screens. Contrast is one of the key factors affecting the visual effects. Generally, the higher the contrast, the more vivid the image, the more vivid colors. High contrast is helpful for improving the image clarity, detail performance and the grayscale performance level. In some large black and white contrast text and video display, higher contrast full color LED display have advantages in black and white contrast, clarity and completeness, etc.. Contrast has greater impact to dynamic video display. Since dynamic images have faster shading conversion, higher contrast make the human eyes easier to distinguish the image conversion process. To improve the contrast of full color rental LED display screens, we should mainly to improve the brightness of the LED display and reduce the surface reflectance of the display,. However, the brightness is not the higher the better. Too high brightness not only will affect the LED screen’s lifespan, but also cause light pollution to the environment and negative impact to human.
2. Improve the gray scale of full color rental LED display screens. The higher the gray scale, the more rich the color, the more beautiful the color; the other contrary, the display color is single, and the color change is simple. The improvement of gray scale, can greatly enhance the color depth, making the image color display level geometry increased. Now a lot of full color LED display screen manufacturers can do the gray scale of the display to 14bit ~ 16bit, so that the image level details resolution and display effects more exquisite real and colorful.
3. Narrow the pixel pitch of rental LED display screens. Narrow the pixel pitch of LED screens can improve their clarity, because the smaller the pixel pitch, the higher unit area pixel density is, the more details can be displayed, the more delicate and realistic screen display.
4. Combine with the video processor. LED video processor can use advanced algorithms to improve the image quality of the unmodified signal, implement de-interlacing, edge sharpening, motion compensation and a series of processing, enhance the image quality of details, improve the full color rental LED display screen’s display quality. Use video processor’s image scaling algorithm to ensure that the video image scaling processing to maximize the image clarity and gray level; In addition, the video processor also needs a wealth image adjustment options and adjust effect, so as to better adjust the image brightness, contrast and grayscale, so as to ensure full color LED display screens can output soft and clear images and videos.
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