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Important Rental LED Display Screen Energy Saving Ways - Improve Convert Ratio of Driving Power

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Important Rental LED Display Screen Energy Saving Ways - Improve Convert Ratio of Driving Power

Important Rental LED Display Screen Energy Saving Ways - Improve Convert Ratio of Driving Power
With the efficient, energy saving and environmental protection concepts gradually enjoys popular support, the LED display screen industry also quietly appeared energy-saving products, such as energy-saving led screens. In recent years, many rental LED display screen companies are continually investing in the research and development of energy-saving LED screens. In order to compete and breakthrough in the white market competition, some of them take the differentiated line, created their own unique competitive advantage in the n of seriously homogenized LED display screen industry.
Comparing with DLP splicing, LCD splicing and other large size rental LED display screens, rental LED screens have the advantages of less power consumption under the premise of same size. In addition, considering about their longer lifespan, rental LED display has better energy efficiency for long time use. Therefore, large LED display screens have gratifying application prospect. Rental LED display screen itself use light-emitting materials, but if we take the application of large areas into account in the display area, although they have a certain advantage on the power consumption comparing with the traditional display screens, but for long-term use, the overall power consumption is still very large. Energy-saving rental LED display screens have greatly improved in controlling the power consumption. They can save the power consumption by improving the conversion rate of driving power, but also can adjust the brightness of LED screens according to the environment brightness by using their autonomous adjustment function, so as to achieve the energy-saving effect.
By the advantages of energy-saving, working stability, cost-saving and maintenance efficiency, energy-saving rental LED display screens have attract more and more consumers’ attention. It is reported that Glux Visual Effects Tech have introduced their Glux BAtn series outdoor rental LED display screens, its lowest power consumption is only about 300W per sq. m. We can image if we change a long time used regular LED display screen for an energy-saving led screen, lit will save a lot of electricity expenses for the customer.
In addition, the product homogenization in LED screen industry are more and more serious, many small LED screen manufacturers are struggling in the survival edge. Except for pursuing differentiation, looking for new profit growth point, the voice of energy saving and environmental protection are rising in recent years, but also help to promote the energy-saving rental LED display screen to a hot market growth period in a certain extent.
Although many enterprises have actively invest in the field of energy-saving rental LED display screen, and their energy-saving screen R & D has made some progress, but the overall development of energy-saving LED screen market is relatively slow. It still need the joint efforts of the whole LED screen industry if we want to achieve large-scale popularity.
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