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Energy-saving Will Be One of the Sale Point of Full Color LED Display Screens

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Energy-saving Will Be One of the Sale Point of Full Color LED Display Screens

Energy-saving Will Be One of the Sale Point of Full Color LED Display Screens
Full color LED display screens continually improve their display effects and product style since they appear in the market. New technologies and products promote full color LED display industry into a rapid development period. But their energy consumption is still a problem. Energy-saving has become one of the technical research direction in this industry.
The voice of energy-saving first appeared in 2010. A group of pioneers start to explore, and launched several types of energy-saving full color LED display screens in a few years. It is also during this period that some new technology and new materials were applied into full color LED screens, the original used air conditioner (for cooling) and built-in fan were removed; then the power conversion rate of LED lamp beads, power and drive IC has been improved in recent years. Full color LED display screens have appears many eye-catching energy-saving cases.
However, energy-saving full color LED display screen are in a chaotic market now, it is difficult to truly distinguish their energy-saving effects. The vigorous energy-saving, more or less like a gimmick meaning. Some LED display screen companies are earnestly doing energy saving research, but they just only focus on a single link, it is really incompetent to the overall energy efficiency effect and can not achieve the desired goal. About this phenomenon, the reason is the full color LED display screen industry does not have a energy-saving standards. Whether the product really achieve the effect of energy-saving, there is no unified and objective criteria can be assessed. As time goes on, energy-saving requirements are more and more urgent to full color LED display screens development.
Benefit from the development of small pixel LED display screens, full color LED display is flourishing now. Their applications fields are develop continuously, the segmented areas have been expanding. Indoor and outdoor small pixel LED screens, naked eye 3D tech, AR / VR combination tech, we can find full color LED display screens in the show, monitoring, education, sports and many other fields. With the technology of full color LED screens becoming more and more mature, small pixel LED display screens will develop to micro pixel LED screen, their energy consumption will be larger and larger, energy-saving development is imminent.
Therefore, for both customer needs, social responsibility and enterprise development, energy-saving is a pain point which the LED screen industry must solve urgent. The LED screen manufacturer who can solve this pain point will undoubtedly occupy a favorable position in the future market competition.
In fact, energy saving is a systematic project, it involves all aspects of full color LED display screens. To solve this development "stumbling block", we must co-ordinate all the aspects from the upstream LED chip to the terminal LED display manufacturers, such as LED lamp beads, power supply, driver IC, cooling and the energy-saving programs the display manufacturers use.
If the full color LED display screen manufactures just take efforts in a single aspect, the result will not be effective. Integrate through all aspects, energy-saving effects of full color LED screens can achieve the best.
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