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Ten Factors Help You Choose Better Full Color LED Display Screens(01)

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Ten Factors Help You Choose Better Full Color LED Display Screens(01)

Ten Factors Help You Choose Better Full Color LED Display Screens(01)
With the application of led display screens in various fields, more and more people are familiar with them and start to use them. Full color LED display screens are the mostly applied products in recent years. How to distinguish the quality of LED screens, so as to choose cost-effective products for our events? We need to know their basic technical indicators, mainly from the function and performance to identify their quality level.
1. Brightness of the full color LED display screens.
Brightness is an intuitive feature which we can know it directly by our eyes. However, do not think that the higher brightness LED screens are better ones. We should choose different brightness LED display screens according to our practical brightness demand. Normally, for indoor environment, 1200 cd/sq.m brightness is enough, for outdoor environment, the brightness may need 6000 cd/sq. m. In a word, choose the full color LED display screens under the demand of environment, clearance and eyes protective demand.
2. Color temperature of full color LED screens.
When we find that the image color on the LED display screen are inconsistent or different with the material, then the picture image is seriously distorted, which is related with the full color LED display screen’s the color temperature of white balance brightness. If the human eye directly watch the LED display screen, 5500 to 8000K color temperature is appropriate, if it is used as a TV broadcast screen, the color temperature need to be adjusted to 5500K or so, so that we can see real image color through the camera recording broadcast on TV.
3. Largest viewing angel of full color LED display screens.
To the displaying equipment, higher viewing angel will be better, because we can get larger visible range. The viewing angel including vertical view angel and horizontal view angel. By now, indoor full color LED display screens viewing angel can be 160 degree both vertically and horizontally, outdoor full color LED display screens viewing angel can be 140 degree both vertically and horizontally.
4. Gray scale of full color LED display screens.
If the image on the LED display screens have poor layering, and there is pixel loss phenomenon compared with the video footage, this can indicate that the LED display screen’s gray level is low, can not completely, clearly and truly display the video footage content. The gray scale test can directly show us the gray scale level of full color LED display screens. By now, the LED display screen industry can do gray scale to 16 bit, this parameter will reach at 18 bit in the future years.
In general, the above are four factors which can help you to choose a better full color LED display screens. In the next article, the engineer from Glux Visual Effects Tech will introduce you another three factors.
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