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Basic Characteristics of Outdoor Rental LED Display Screens

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Basic Characteristics of Outdoor Rental LED Display Screens

Basic Characteristics of Outdoor Rental LED Display Screens
As a most widely used displaying equipment, outdoor rental LED display screens can be seen in many audio & visual events. The engineer from Glux Visual Effects Tech would like to introduce some basic characteristics about them.
1. Rich color. Most LED screen rental service providers are using full color LED chips to produce their outdoor rental LED display screens. The three primary color(red, green and blue) can combine 256 gray level for each color and show us 16,772,216 kinds of color. This makes the outdoor rental LED screens can display colorful, high saturation, high resolution and high displaying frequency animation. This is a basic characteristics which most LED screen rental service providers’ LED screens also have.
2. Better displaying effects. Outdoor rental LED display screens use nonlinear compensation technique, make the images and videos more clear and the image level stronger.
3. Stronger reliability. Distributed scanning technology and modular design technology helps to improve the reliability and working stability of the outdoor rental LED screens.
4. High flatness. The surface flatness error of each LED panel can be controlled within 0.2mm, make sure the surface of LED display screens can be flat and smooth.
5. Multiple signal input type. Glux outdoor rental LED display screens can support DVI, HDMI, HD-SDI as well as other kinds of input signals, can be able to meet different demand.
6. High waterproof performance. Glux outdoor use LED screens all have IP65 or higher waterproof level, make sure the outdoor rental LED display screens will not be damaged by water or moisture.
7. Light weight and ultra thin body. Glux’s LED screens use carbon fiber material as their cabinet, reduced the panel weight and thickness but improved the LED screen’s impact resistance ability, chemical and physical resistance ability, and weight bearing capacity at the same time. This is an incomparable advantage of Glux’s rental LED screens comparing with other LED screen rental service provider’s LED screens
8. Longer lifespan. Glux’s outdoor rental LED display screens use high quality LED chips, high quality IC driver, circuit board and electrical wires. We also pay strict attention to the quality of all other components of LED screens. All these quality measuring ways make sure our LED screens are with high quality and performance, also with more than 75,000 hours lifespan.
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