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Creative Rental LED Display Screens in Recent Years(1)

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Creative Rental LED Display Screens in Recent Years(1)

Creative Rental LED Display Screens in Recent Years(1)
Rental LED display screens have received wide attention since they appear in the market. With the technology advances in recent years, they have been recognized and applied in various fields. No matter it is small pixel pitch LED display screens or special-shaped rental LED screen, their technology has matured, the production technology of these LED screen rental service providers can meet the demands of most consumers.
In recent years, the LED screen industry insiders classified a new LED screen category called “creative LED display”. It contains several types of newly appearance LED display screens with high and new technologies. Mr. Hardy Lu, the Technical Support Manager from Glux Visual Effects Tech would like to introduce some information about creative rental LED display screens. We will introduce them in two articles, this article will only introduce three kinds of creative LED screens.
1. Small pixel pitch LED display screens.
Small pixel LED screens refers to these LED screens with under 2.5mm pixel pitch. Mainly including P1.9mm, P1.5mm, P1.3mm and even less than 1mm pixel pitch ones. The largest advantages of small pixel rental LED display screens is high definition, seamless splicing technology, etc. By now, many LED screen rental service providers are able to produce P1mm to P2.5mm LED screens, only few of them are able to produce under 1mm pixel pitch LED screens.
2. Special-shaped rental LED display screens.
The appearance of special-shaped LED screens, has broke the traditional rectangle shape limitation, make the LED screens can be installed as any special shapes so as to realize some creative displaying demand. This kind of rental LED display screens can not only draw the viewer’s attention so as to get better visual experience, but also enlarged the application range or LED display screens. More and more LED screen rental service providers are now putting efforts on researching and production of special-shape rental LED display screens.
3. transparent rental LED display screens.
The transparent LED screens does not mean that they are totally transparent, just because they have some transparent characteristics. All the transparent LED display screens have a permeation ratio, different LED screen rental service providers may use different technology to realize the transparency effect and they have different permeation ratio. Glux’s BAtn series transparent LED display screen have as high as 45% permeation ratio, it is very high.
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