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4K and 3D Display Effects -- Outdoor Full Color LED Display Screens New Demand

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4K and 3D Display Effects -- Outdoor Full Color LED Display Screens New Demand

4K and 3D Display Effects -- Outdoor Full Color LED Display Screens New Demand
Normally, LED display screen’s technology updates and improvements can stimulate the market increment to a certain extent. Outdoor full color LED display screens ushered in 4K ultra-high-definition and 3D display effects demand and the users asking for more excellent display effect, promoted the full color LED display industry technology advances and improvement. Resolution, as one of the main factor to determine the LED screen’s display level, has become the market driving force of 4K LED display products in recent years.
From the industry point of view, indoor full color LED display screen resolution can reach 4K, or even higher. Indoor 4K LED display has been mature both from the technical stability level or the market application effects. However, in the outdoor market, 4K full color LED display screen is just start. The outdoor market, especially in the current prosperously developed outdoor advertising market, the customers have raised their demand on the transmission carrier’s resolution from all aspects, outdoor full color LED display is ushered in 4K era now.
4K outdoor LED display screens bring the customers more delicate display details, more realistic texture and smoother flatness, so that the advertising content can be shown in a better way. At the same time, 4K LED screen not only enhanced the resolution, but also pull the related areas a series of revolution from the shooting to display, 3D, VR / AR and other technology are speed up to intergrade with full color outdoor LED display screens. In addition, it also gives the audience all-round three-dimensional and real impact, through the human-screen interaction function, the audience can feel more attractive pictures and videos and get better visual experience.
In the future outdoor advertising market, 4K outdoor full color LED display screens and related solutions will blossom everywhere. And the outdoor advertising 4K era will bring more opportunities to these full color LED display manufacturers, but also brings more challenges.
Firstly, at present, both the technology or products of 4K outdoor full color LED display screens are still in the starting stage, most of the LED screen manufacturers are still lack of strength in this area. In addition, in the outdoor field, apart from the requirements of 4K, mastering mature 3D, 4K, VR technology and its related use are also important.
Secondly, for 4K outdoor LED display, in addition to the requirements with the corresponding resolution full color LED display screens, but also requires the corresponding facilities to keep up, such as 4K video processor, related software maintenance, and even customized solutions, these are part of the challenge for the industry.
Technological progress and innovation injected a huge vitality for the full color LED display industry, the outdoor 4K era provide a new "technology leading the market development" opportunity again for these LED display screen manufacturers. At the same time, with the small pixel LED screen applied into outdoor market, outdoor ultra-high-definition 4K, or higher than 4K will be worth looking forward to!
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