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Rental LED Display Screen Manufacturers Market Positioning

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Rental LED Display Screen Manufacturers Market Positioning

Rental LED Display Screen Manufacturers Market Positioning
Looking at the global LED display screen market, more than 80% of the LED display manufacturers are located in China. With the continuous development of the economy, China's LED display business are gradually change from the imitation to innovative, their manufacturing technology are getting more and more mature, more and more innovative products appeared in the market. Rental LED display screen field also start to develop more and more fast.
However, because the market threshold is relatively low, more and more enterprises are entering into this industry, the rental LED display screen market competition are getting more and more intensified, and the fierce competition in the market led to the product mortality rate is constantly rising. For the rental LED display screen manufacturers, how should they locate their market position?
1. Locate your customer type. This is the first important thing. Who is the potential customer of your rental LED display screens? These audio & visual companies? The project organizers? Individual users? Which country will be your main market? What kind of consumer group will be your main customer? These are all important aspects.
2. Customer service market differentiation. Market differentiation refers to the difference between the sales conditions, the marketing environment and other specific marketing factors, including sales price differences, channel differences, service differentiation of your rental LED screens, etc..
Price differences of rental LED display screens: Normally, for the international market, European and American customers can accept high price LED screens, the Middle East customers can accept the low price. The rental LED display screen manufacturers should choose to go a high prices or low-cost routes according to the characteristics of the target market and your own conditions.
Channel differences: to the specific channel construction, the current rental LED display screen manufacturers’ channel development and ways are different, direct sale and distribution is not the same, the LED display screen enterprises should choose based on their own characteristics and advantages, take the appropriate sales channels.
Service differentiation of rental LED display screen manufacturers: the most important service in LED display industry is the product after-sales service. The service quality will directly impact on the follow-up cooperation with your customers and even the screen brand image, etc.. In the competition with same quality, unique service will win the trust of customers.
3. Product position. This is the core for the rental LED display screen manufacturers. First, is your LED screens belong to high, middle or low-end level? Then, according to your product level, confirm a appropriate price and promote them to your potential customer. Also, we can firstly confirm the main application field of your rental LED display screens, and then promote your products to these market. This kind of market position are also in compliance with the differentiation market strategy in LED screen industry. What’s more, the rental LED display screen manufacturers can also locate the market according to your product advantages, like the price advantages, quality advantages, technological advantages, awards and certifications, after-sales advantages, etc.. These advantages will help you to have the initiative in the market sale and competition, and introduce the customers to choose your products.
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