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The Environment Influence to Outdoor Rental LED Display Screens Lifespan

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The Environment Influence to Outdoor Rental LED Display Screens Lifespan

The Environment Influence to Outdoor Rental LED Display Screens Lifespan
To LED display screens, their lifespan can be divided into economical lifespan, technical lifespan, application lifespan and average lifespan. There are many factors will influence the lifespan of outdoor rental LED display screens, in this article, the engineer from Glux Visual Effects Tech would like to discuss about the environmental factors to the lifespan of LED screens.
1. Temperature influence to outdoor rental LED display screens;
Any product, only if they are working in the lifespan period and only in appropriate working conditions can they make low failure rate. Outdoor rental LED display screens, as an integrated electronic products, is mainly equipped control panel, switching power supply, light-emitting devices and other parts with electronic components, and all of these components’ life are closely related with the working temperature. If the actual operating temperature exceeds the scope of application temperature, not only their lifespan will be shortened, but also the rental LED screens will be seriously damaged.
2. Dust influence to outdoor rental LED display screens;
Dust will cover on the surface of LED screen’s beads and other electrical components, and influence their heat dissipation effect. Thus will influence their working stability. In addition, dust will also absorb moisture in the air and influence the rental LED screens. Therefore, regular dust clean work is very necessary.
3. Moisture influence to outdoor rental LED display screens;
Although most of the outdoor LED display screens can work in 95% humidity environment, but it does not mean the moisture will not damage the LED screens. Actually, the electrical products are not suitable to be applied into too humid environment. Moisture gas will penetrate into the interior of the IC device through the bonding surface of the encapsulating material and components, and cause big damage to these electrical component.
4. Corrosive gas influence the lifespan of outdoor rental LED display screens;
Humidity and salt-containing air environments can degrade the system performance of rental LED screens because they exacerbate the corrosive effects of metal parts. Another detrimental effect of wet and salt air is the formation of a film on the surface of a non-metallic component that results in the insulation and deterioration of the dielectric properties of these materials and finally cause leak path. If the insulation material absorbed moisture, it can also cause material volume conductivity and dissipation coefficient increase.
5. Electromagnetic radiation influence to outdoor rental LED display screens;
The interference of radio frequency radiation to electronic systems is generally derived from two approaches. One way is that the electrical noise of the radiation field directly channeling into the system. Experiments show that when the field reaches at 5V / m, the system of rental LED screens will certainly goes wrong, electromagnetic interference is strong enough to change the value of the CPU program counter PC, make the computer error "jump out" the live program. Another way of radio frequency radiation interference is introduced through the power. The outer frame is equivalent to the receiving antenna, which introduces the radiation interference into the system. This kind of interference can burn the power of the system itself if it is serious enough.
6. The working load influence to outdoor rental LED display screens;
Whether it is integrated chip, LED tube or switching power supply on the rental LED screens, the work load will also affect their lifespan. Because any one component has a fatigue injury period. Take the power as an example, the brand power can output 105% to 135% of the power, but if the power keeps working in such a high load for a long time, it will accelerate the aging of switching power supply. Of course, the switching power supply will not invalid immediately, but it will make its life rapidly reduced.
In general, all kinds of environmental factors will all influence the working status and lifespan of outdoor rental LED display screens. To prolong the LED screen’s lifespan, it is better to apply them into better environment and try to protect them from been damaged.
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