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Outdoor rental LED Display Screens Maintenance and Protection Measure is Necessary

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Outdoor rental LED Display Screens Maintenance and Protection Measure is Necessary

Outdoor rental LED Display Screens Maintenance and Protection Measure is Necessary
In recent years, we have seen many outdoor rental LED display screens accidents, some of these accident can be avoid if the user can maintain and protect the LED screens appropriately. The maintenance and protection measures for outdoor rental LED display screens are very necessary. In this article, the engineer from Glux Visual Effects Tech would like to share us some useful measures.
1. Electricity must be safe. Make sure the supply power is stable, the grounding wires must be good. In addition, it is better not use the outdoor LED display screens in lightning and other extreme weather.
2. Change passive protection attitude to proactive attitude. Move these items which is damage to the outdoor rental led display screens as far as possible; when cleaning the LED screens, wipe them gently; avoid knock or damage the LED screens.
3. Keep the environment dry. Do not let water, moisture, metal goes into the LED screens; install the outdoor rental LED screens at low dust environment, since the dust will not only influence the visual effects, but also will damage the rental LED display screens. If there is water or moisture goes into the LED screen, turn off the power and ask professional engineer to handle it. If the moisture influenced LED screens are electrified, there will be permanent damage to the components inside the LED screen.
4. Clean up the dust regularly. Most outdoor rental LED display screens are working in the open air with dust, wind, sunlight and rains. There will be many dust and dirt on their surface. Regular clean up work can improve the outdoor rental LED screen’s visual effects and working stability.
5. Turn on and turn off the LED display screens in right way.
6. Check the working status of outdoor rental LED display screens regularly, make sure all the components are working in good status. If there is any components working abnormally, repair or change them immediately, make sure the whole outdoor LED display screen can work normally.
7. Do not let the rental LED screen keep playing a single color(all white color, all red color, etc.) for long time. Because under this phenomenon, the electric current is the largest, it is harmful to the LED display screen if the user keep them working with one color for long time.
8. The video signal processor, power divider, signal divider and computer should be placed at an environment with less dust, so as to make sure the working stability of outdoor rental LED display screens.
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